Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Catch Up

A lot has been going on the last few weeks so lets get caught up...We have gotten a lot of snow the last few days and the kids are loving it. They play all day in the snow. Weston loves the snow and keeps going out without the proper attire on. Luckily on this day he got it right.
This day he did not. But at least Ashlyn and Hunter were dressed for the weather. You can tell that we had a little snow in this picture compared to the above picture.
We had to have the annual Christmas picture in their Christmas clothes. Even though we were running late for church we were able to get a good picture, which is surprising.
We Celebrated Christmas early with the Mills side of the family. Shaun's parents are going to Utah for the holidays. Grandma Mills had the grandchildren act out the nativity. Ashlyn was an angel, Hunter was Joseph and Weston was a sheep. (He only bit Joseph). Ashlyn is the sasy angel in the red shirt in the back. Hunter is in the blue and green robe looking thrilled. Weston is the cute sheep in the Gap sweatshirt. This picture was taken while they were getting ready.

I thought this was a cute picture of the sheep and Joseph. This is before he bit Joseph.
The best part was the wise men. Shaun and his brother Trevor were the lucky ones to play this part.

Here is the final picture of all of them together. Notice the wisemen took off and the sheep is looking else where. It went well and all the kids had fun doing it. Grandma Mills did a great job getting all of the costumes put together.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Christmas Gift

Ashlyn tried out and made one of the select basketball teams in town. Since she needs to practice, her Grandma and Grandpa Roedel decided that the kids needed an early Christmas present.
The kids got a basketball hoop and new basketballs. They are loving having this gift. So are all the neighborhood kids.
Hunter is out every morning before kindergarten and both of them are out there after school. Can you believe that it is December and they are playing basketball outside with no coats on!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thank Goodness for Wall-e

As many of you know, Weston does not sit and do anything. He never watches TV or movies, he is very active to put it mildly. It was awfully quiet tonight when Ashlyn and Hunter were watching Wall-e. I asked Ashlyn where Weston was and she responded that he was right next to her. I could not believe that he was sitting and watching a movie! This is a great break for me. This is a must have on his Christmas list or my list. I had to take a picture of it because who knows when it will happen again. He loves his sister.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Addition....

First of all, I have to apologize for not posting for a while. My laptop screen got stepped on so it had to be sent off. Good thing for those protection plans!

Back to our new addition..
Ollie is our rescue kitten. Shaun's brother found her in their garage and I just had to have her, well Ashlyn needed her too. She is has spent the last two weeks living in my laundry room behind the dryer. She is not a social kitten. She is starting to come out in the evenings when Weston is in bed. She is very sweet. The only problem is that we she does come out she hides. We have found her in the bathroom drawers, in the dresser drawers and my favorite the dryer.

Shaun says that Ollie can not stay, he tried to take her hunting and was not going to bring her back. So, if you know of anyone that would have a good home for her let me know. If not I will just have to keep her. When all of my children are gone, I will be the women on the news that has over 100 animals in her home. One more picture of Ollie and my other cat Smokey. By the way Smokey wants her to leave also.

Don't they look like relatives??

Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a fun and very busy Halloween. We had the 1st annual Mills family Halloween dinner. It was a lot of fun for all of the cousins to get together and play games and eat. After that the kids and I went trick or treating around the neighborhood. The weather was so good. I even took of my jacket. Hunter and Weston headed home early while Ashlyn went with friends. Hunter had fun handing out candy. When Ashlyn got home, her and Hunter went to the neighbors and had pizza. It was a full day. Shaun missed all the fun because he was elk hunting. I think he always goes on Halloween, this should tell you something.

Pumpkin Patch

The kids and I went to the pumpkin patch on a beautiful Saturday. Weston of course did not know what to think of the whole thing, but eventually got into it.

October 2008

It has been a busy month for the Mills family. The most important event was Hunter's 6th birthday. It as a great day for him. Shaun and I got him a new bike that he has just loved. Hunter is very loved.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is a test....

My Friend Christine has been bugging me to create a blog. So, here it is. We will see how this goes.