Thursday, January 29, 2009

In the last 2 weeks...

Weston has been potty trained! He has been going on the toilet for a few months now and then I finally decided to go for it all the way. He has done great. He has had two accidents in these two weeks. He likes to stand on the toilet and go.

Weston is now 30 months old. Shaun finally decided that it was time for him to stop drinking bottles. This was not as easy. He cried and cried the first three days. I was going to pull my hair out. He also no longer takes naps. Which I am not ready for that. He is doing better now about going to bed without the bottle. But he now wakes up a lot in the middle of the night. He is no longer in a crib so he is always in our room. We do not let him sleep in our bed so there has been a lot of sleepless nights. Any suggestions would be great.

Weston has also started going to Nursery. He is enjoying getting to know all of the kids and loves to bring his papers home. He carries them around with him most of the day. We are so proud of the progress that our little boy is making, but it is also sad because he is not our baby anymore.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ashlyn's First Basketball Game

Ashlyn is playing on a select team for Middleton. She is doing really well, especially since this is the first time that she has played organized basketball. She is playing on the 4th/5th grade team. She is one of four 4th graders on the team. She usually has two games a Saturday. On her first Saturday, she played one game in Middleton then right from there we traveled to Nyssa, Oregon. It was about a 40 minute drive. They won one game and lost the other. She has two of her good friends on the team so that makes it even more fun.

Her coach told me at the first game that she would bring duct tape for me if she needed to. I am glad that she warned me first. I do tend to get into her games. Ashlyn told me that even though I use to coach, teach and waitress she did not want me telling her how to do things.

Look at her good form in this picture...Can you tell I am proud of her?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We promised the kids that we would take them sledding since we received a lot of snow over Christmas. Well, the day after Christmas it rained and was warm. So the snow was not as great as we had hoped for. We thought since we are not ready to build on our property, that it would perfect for sledding. We bundled the kids up and met up with Shaun's sister Monica and her kids.Ashlyn of course was the dare devil out of the bunch. The property is rolling hills and she just kept leaving the group and finding her own hills.
She did have a hard time climbing back up to the top.
Hunter had fun just sledding down the road. He is not very brave so he stayed on the beaten path.
Weston enjoyed being pulled along. He did go down a couple of small hills until he did a face plant and cut his face up.
This is Monica with her son Walker. He is in the front. Poor guy was scared to death but down they went. Shaun told Walker at the top before they went down that it was nice knowing him.

We stayed out there for about 3 hours and them went and had pizza at Garbanzos. It was a fun day. Ashlyn and Hunter want to move out there right now so they can go sledding all the time. By the time we get out there, they will be too old to sled. But maybe not, look at Monica go down on her sled!

Late Christmas Post

I finally am getting a chance to write about Christmas. Maybe even today I will take down the Christmas decorations, but maybe not. We had a fun Christmas this year. Christmas Eve we went to my extended family. The food was good and the kids did not break anything so that was a plus. Ashlyn and Quincee had a snowball fight with Uncle Steve and Ashlyn is still talking about it. We came home and opened the pajama gifts. Okay, we did not open them since I did not wrap them. I gave them to the kids.
Hunter has become very attached to his. He has worn them every night since Christmas. I have tried to wash them but he hides them from me. Today I will find them. Before the pajamas Hunter and Ashlyn sprikled the reindeer food. It was snowing really heavy and hunter was concerned that the reindeer would not be able to find it.
The kids put out Dr. Pepper and cookies and headed to bed. I have to throw this picture in of our cat Smokey. We found him here before we went to bed. Hunter woke up in the night and told us that his stomach hurt, probably because he had a fat cat on him.

The kids did really well in the morning letting us sleep until 7:30. They were all happy with there gifts. We cut back on the gifts that we got the kids because we knew Santa was giving them a big gift and they would not care about anything else. Santa brought them a Wii. I will have to post pics of that later. It is funny to watch Hunter play. He has to have his shirt off when he plays. No one really wants to play with him because he trash talks really bad. I think he gets that from his Uncle Trevor.

Weston got a basketball hoop just his size. He is enjoying it. I love his hair in this picture. I think his favorite gift was play-doh.
Hunter is enjoying his very own radio. He is very excited because it has a tape player in it. I had to dig out one of my old tapes from college for him. Ashlyn was happy with her new clothes. Like she needed them, but that is what she wanted. She was also happy that she got the Cardinal Webkinz. She is pretty easy to buy for.
I got myself the best gift ever. A hot chocolate maker. I drink hot chocolate all day long so this is perfect. It even foams the hot chocolate. The kids are enjoying it also. Overall we had a great day spending it together as a family. Later that evening we had dinner with my parents and my sister and her family. The cousins love getting together and no one was sick so we were able to do that.