Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wii Remote Update

Well, I took Shannon's advice and put the remote in rice. I put it back together this morning and it does not work. So, Trent if you still want to buy it, it is yours for $10. What a steal. I guess the money that I was saving to put padded walls in Weston's room will be down some.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Help Needed...

Last night when Shaun was "watching" Weston, Weston decided that the toilet needed cleaning. That is all great but he used the Wii remote to clean it. I am drying it out but does anyone else have any other suggestions? Shaun says we are not buying a new one, but I might have to use the money I was saving to redo Weston's room to buy one. Nothing is slowing Weston down. He has pneumonia and is having breathing treatments every few hours. Hunter is not happy that is beloved Wii is only one player now. I think Hunter is ready to get rid of his brother. I am happy that this happened when I was not home because Shaun thinks it is a piece of cake to take care of Weston. And that I need to keep him in my sight at all times. I was not too hard on Shaun.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Life of Weston

For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing Weston, I thought I would blog about a week in Weston's life....

Shaun flew out of town on Monday morning for Las Vegas, so it was just the kids and I until Friday morning. On Monday I took the kids to YMCA for some swimming time. I was so happy to see that the slide was not on when we got there because he insists on going down the slide the whole time. Well, they opened it after 30 minutes after we got there. I think we went down the slide 20 times. You think that would wear him out but of course, he took no nap that day. When we got home, he broke the child proof door knob off of Ashlyn's door and proceeded to climb her dresser. Well of course it tipped over on him. I do not know how he did not get hurt.

On Tuesday afternoon, I lost Weston in the neighborhood. I was using the bathroom when I came out Weston was no where to be found. I found the bag of chips he was eating on the front step. He brooke the child lock off the front door and he was gone. I looked in the front yard and the neighbors side yards. He was not there. We live in a culdesac and have a field at the end of the culdesac which is fenced off. We have an irrigation ditch behind us that is fenceed off by a 4 foot chain link fence. So I called and called for him and no response. I went back in the house and looked, no Weston. I was starting to panic because he is a fast kid. I got in the suburban and went down the road and back twice, no Weston. As I am in tears, I came back to the house to call people to help me find him. I spot Weston behind the neighbors house on the other side of the chain link fence, next to the ditch. I ran to him and he tells me that he is helping the kitty find a mouse. He had scaled the fence, with scratches on his stomach to show for it.

So on to Wednesday...Weston comes into my room and tells me that he has a bead in his nose. I look and there is a bead! I had pretty much had it with him at this point. Ashlyn put a bean up her nose at this age and we had to have an ENT take it out. I put him on the floor and fished it out with a q-tip. He was not happy and he had a bloody nose. On to Thursday...The kids and I were playing baksetball in the front yard and of course Weston runs off. I spot him in the field next to our house (The kid is fast I tell you) He went through another neighbors back yard, through their back fence and into the field, of course next to the ditch. The field was really muddy. I went over the the fence to get him to come back and he told me that he was playing in poop. Of course he was covered in mud. So now it is Friday and he was up late Thursday night coughing like a seal and doing breathing treatments. I do not think this will slow him down.

So that is my really long post about Weston. Shaun says I need to watch him better and not go to the bathroom during the day. So I guess I will go get some adult diapers. We do love Weston and are very lucky to have him, but he could slow down just a little. Thanks for listening to me vent, this opportunity might save me from going insane for this week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kindergarten Date Night

Hunter's school was having a Kindergarten Date Night. The boys were to ask their moms and the girls were to ask their dads. The night before, I still had not been asked. Hunter said that he wanted to take Ashlyn. That really made me feel good. We had to dress up and bring our own dinner. We played Bingo, did the chicken dance, had our picture taken and had dessert together. It was really fun. Even if my son did not want to take me. We doubled dated with Hunter's friend Alex and his mom Julie.