Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's back

Now do not get excited about 2 postings in one day. It will never happen again. A few posts ago you will remember that I was trying to get rid of a kitten. I do not know how to do links, someone let me know. Anyways...We got rid of Ollie on Christmas Eve and Ashlyn was emotionally damaged. She cried all of the time and was not fun to be around. This went on for a couple of months, yes a couple of months. She even wrote a book about the whole experience. It was called, "The day my parents ruined my life." It is a great read, we will be publishing it soon. I decided that we would never help out an animal again. Well, the person that took Ollie now named Sophie could not keep her because they were moving to Florida. I told them when they took her that we would take her back if it did not work out. Big mistake. Long story short, we now have the cat back. Ashlyn is beyond happy Shaun is not.

Where to Start....

I have been getting a lot of grief for not updating my blog. So, here we go. The problem is where do we start. So, I imported my pictures from my camera and I am going to start with the oldest picture and go from there.

Spring break was about a month ago and that is where my pictures begin. The weather here was awful for spring break so we had to find indoor activities to keep up busy. Ashlyn and Hunter decided to make Hunter's room into a huge fort. So basically a big mess of blankets and chairs. They played in there most of the day and it had different "rooms" in it. It was actually pretty cool. This is the view from the door.

To end the day they wanted to sleep in it. I did not think it would be that comfortable but as Ashlyn explained to me, they both had separate rooms and plenty of room.

They had a great time together and did not fight for that day. The only problem was keeping Weston from crashing the party.

A few days later we had planned a picnic and play date with the another family at a local park. Of course the weather was not great so the picnic got moved inside my house. We then bundled up in layers and took blankets to the park.

The kids had to climb a hill at the park

The girls are really good with Weston

Weston is scared of heights, but you would never know it. He climbs everything. He was crying when I took this picture but I had to take it before I got him down.

Hunter had a lot of fun at the park. We will definitely do this again when it is warmer.

That is all the pictures from our spring break. We also went to the local YMCA for a swim day. Hunter is not much for swimming because he is blue within 15 minutes of being in the water. He loves to swim he just does not have the body fat to keep him warm. So he sat on the bench in a towel most of the time. Ashlyn on the other hand is a mermaid. She is everywhere and loves to be in the water. She is very confident in the deep water. Weston and I got to show the lifeguards how to perform a water rescue. It was great. Luckily I was in my swimsuit. The kiddie area is right next to the roaring river (I think that is what it is called). He bolted for the river and jumped right in. I jumped in right after him. The lifegaurd did not get over to us until we were out. He was not scared at all. We left soon after that.

That is the spring break recap. We wish it would have been warmer but we made the best of it.