Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baseball Season Has Arrived

Ashlyn is playing on a fast pitch softball team this summer. So, far she has done really well. She is enjoying it and has really good coaches. One of them is her dad, so they better be good. Even if they do not win any games, they sure look good! Shaun let me know that it is not a fashion show.

Shaun is playing on two teams himself. One is an all mens team and the other is a fun co-ed team. The co-ed team has a lot of fun. Notice they I am not playing on the co-ed team. Everyone knows that Shaun is the athlete in the family. I was asked to play when they were searching for more players!

Hunter started coach pitch practice last week. The games start the first of June. He is excited to be plaing with the bigger kids. No more T-ball for him. This is the first year that he has not had his dad and uncle caoching him.

I am busy being the director of both the t-ball and coach pitch leagues here in our little town. We have around 300 in both the leagues. It is fun. That is our baseball round up. More details to follow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fishing Trip

Ashlyn and Hunter went fishing this past Saturday to Owhyee Reservoir. This is one of the kids favorite places to go fishing. They left at 6:00 in the morning with Grandpa Mills, Uncle Trevor and Walker. It is usually hard to get the kids up early in the morning, ecxept when they are going fishing. On the morning of fishing trips they get right up and are ready in miutes. They had a great day. They caught around 300 fish. Yes, I said 300. They did not bring that many home luckily. Here are pictures of the kids with some of the fish they caught. Until the next fishing trip.