Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Graduate

Hunter has officially graduated from kindergarten and is off to 1st grade. Hunter had a great year and has made many accomplishments. His teacher says that he has really matured and become a social butterfly. Hunter makes friends where ever he goes. I never have to worry about him feeling left out. As some of you know, Hunter has a speech and hearing problem. I was very worried about him going to school and being around others that did not understand this. His teacher said he has come a long way and no one really notices that he has these problems. We were very happy that he had Mrs. Godsill as a teacher this year. She was a great help to him. This was also Ashlyn's teacher and Uncle Trevor's teacher 20 some years ago. We are hoping that she sticks around to have Weston, but I am sure she will want to retire after having him.

A few things that I remember Hunter doing at the first of the year are; no longer wanting to be called "Huntie", not wanting me to walk home with him and I was not allowed to hold his hand. He is a big kid now and not my baby boy. How sad. Hunter almost made it through kindergarten without losing any teeth. But few weeks ago he let me know that one was lose and his dad pulled it out. If you look closely you can see the small space, even though the other tooth is quickly coming up.

Hunter also started his baseball season this week. For the last two years, he was coached by his uncle and dad. We decided to move him up a league to coach pitch. He no longer can "trash talk" Uncle Trevor. He is doing well, even though I worry about him being in a league with kids that are older then him. He has a coach that is very patient with him and he is getting to know the kids on his team.