Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally Caught Up

I am finally caught up on my blog. Hopefully I will not get that behind again. So have fun scrolling down and catching up with our lives.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weston is 3 years old!

Our baby boy turned 3 on July 5th. He is such a sweet boy when he is asleep.

Weston was very excited for his train cake. He told everyone about it.

Hunter thought he needed to help blow the candles out

Weston with his cousin Xavier.

If you asked Weston what he wanted for his birthday, he would tell you fireworks. Good thing his birthday is one day after the 4th of July. His Grandma Roedel gave him fireworks.

Weston is a very active child. He is always into something or beating someone up. He is a happy boy and loves to do what ever his brother Hunter is doing. He has recently started going to nursery and is really enjoying it. He loves playing with Hunter's Geo Trax train set this keeps him entertained. My kitchen has been turned into a train depot. We love Weston very much even though at the end of the day we are worn out. Happy Birthday "W".

4th of July

We decided to break the tradition of going to the parade and go boating instead. Weston has been waiting to go out on the big boat, so this was his chance. Shaun's parents, Sydney, Taylor and Trevor went with us. We had a lot of fun. Ashlyn and Taylor tried to water ski but the skies were too big for them. Next time we will throw in smaller ones. Weston also rode on the tube with his dad. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of it and he would not do it again. He said it was too bumpy.

Weston relaxing in his pink tube
The boys fighting over who gets to pull the boat in...
You can see who won
Taylor and Ashlyn jumped out of the boat, so we took off without them. They did not find it funny.
Weston and Grandma Mills enjoying the boat ride.

A trip to Owyhee would not be complete if we did not fish. The started biting as soon as the line hit the water.

After the boating trip, we went to my parents and enjoyed a BBQ and fireworks. We were so tired that we did not take any pictures. The only one that Shaun took was from his phone.

Cat Girl

Just a random picture of Ashlyn asleep with her cats...

Alaska Fishing Trip

Shaun took a week long vacation to fish in Alaska again this year. This year he went earlier in the year to fish for king salmon. Even though it was very exhausting, it was a good trip.

Trying to hold up two salmon while in pain from his broken ribs.

Reeling one in
Bald Eagles were everywhere

Thanks Dean for taking great pictures! Until next year.

Rodeo Time

Every year Michelle Steele puts on a Rodeo out at her home. This year we decided to give it a try. We will not miss this event again! Michelle did a great job putting this on. Some of the things she had going were; a petting zoo, pony rides, horse back riding, barrel racing, cow riding, calf roping and the kids favorite sno cones.

Ashlyn and Hunter both enjoyed riding the horses. Ashlyn also got involved in one of the races in the big arena.

Weston enjoyed the pony rides but he spent most of his time on the slide or eating sno cones.

Thanks Michelle for a great time!