Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weston is 3 years old!

Our baby boy turned 3 on July 5th. He is such a sweet boy when he is asleep.

Weston was very excited for his train cake. He told everyone about it.

Hunter thought he needed to help blow the candles out

Weston with his cousin Xavier.

If you asked Weston what he wanted for his birthday, he would tell you fireworks. Good thing his birthday is one day after the 4th of July. His Grandma Roedel gave him fireworks.

Weston is a very active child. He is always into something or beating someone up. He is a happy boy and loves to do what ever his brother Hunter is doing. He has recently started going to nursery and is really enjoying it. He loves playing with Hunter's Geo Trax train set this keeps him entertained. My kitchen has been turned into a train depot. We love Weston very much even though at the end of the day we are worn out. Happy Birthday "W".

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Britta said...

What a sweet kid. He sounds like my Abby.(except the beating up someone part.) She's more girly, and loves her babies, and LOVES to tease her siblings. Anyway, good luck with the 3 year old stages. I'm almost through with them.(and I'm still alive.:)
B.T.W. what do you do with all those geotrax? They take over your house don't they?